Waste Management Policy

All contracts awarded to sub-contractors are awarded on a “clean as you go” basis and this is vigorously enforced on site by both the Site Manager and the Safety Department. “Clean as you go” means all site operatives cleaning their own work area on a daily basis with all waste materials and rubbish gathered to a skip or collected in an agreed designated area ready for removal from site.

Waste materials must be removed from the construction site on a regular basis to the satisfaction of DFL's site manager. Sub-contractors who supply materials for their contract are responsible for the removal of their waste from site.

It is company policy that all waste materials, debris and rubbish which is generated on a particular construction site is fully sorted and segregated on that same construction site prior to being removed from that site for disposal by our in-house skip division.

If waste is not segregated to the satisfaction of the skip lorry driver and transport manager the skip shall remain on site until such time as it is properly sorted to enable disposal to be organised.
In general waste is segregated as follows:

  • Builders Rubble
  • Timber
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • General Waste

For particular construction activities like demolition, additional contractors are employed for the safe disposal of the different waste encountered.