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If you are staying in a top class hotel in the South East then it’s likely that we have worked on it at some stage. David Flynn Limited has built up such a reputation in this sector, that most of the projects were negotiated.

As you can appreciate these are all multi-million Euro inner city developments which more often than not also included the design, installation and commissioning of the entire plumbing, mechanical and electrical services.

The most recent hotel to be completed by David Flynn Limited in October 2008 was a 30 bedroom extension to Days hotel in Waterford which also involved the construction and fit-out of a new leisure centre, swimming pool and spa facility. Prior to that David Flynn Limited were responsible for constructing the new four star Fitzwilton Hotel in Waterford, along with the following list which is just some of the hotels completed or extended by DFL in recent years –

  • Ramada Viking Hotel Waterford,
  • The Belfry Hotel Waterford,
  • Sands Hotel Tramore,
  • Dooleys Hotel Waterford
  • The River Court Hotel in Kilkenny.

David Flynn Limited has also just completed a major refurbishment of all the bedrooms in the Central Hotel in Dublin which involved gutting and then fitting out 70 rooms & en-suites (with all new services) within a 10 week time frame.

DFL were also responsible for the extension to the Travelodge in Swords, Co. Dublin having previously constructed a new extension to the Travelodge in Waterford.

David Flynn Limited were also responsible for constructing the Waterford Crystal Leisure Centre and swimming pool.