We believe that we are a unique team of people; a team with excellent building and management skills, but also something extra: a little extra drive, a little extra personal initiative, a little extra desire.

At DFL we could never stand the structures of a bureaucratic, heavily regulated operation. We are more reliant on personal initiative, and on individual leadership. We believe that every construction challenge is unique and requires fresh thinking and an original approach. We also believe that if we offer people both the trust and the responsibility to tackle these challenges, then the best individuals in the industry will want to work with us ­ exactly the calibre of individuals who will deliver on that trust.

If you believe that client satisfaction and delivering on your promises are the bridges to great success, and if you are confident that your own combination of building skills and personal integrity will take you to the top of your field, then we would like to talk to you. We believe we can offer a more dynamic and a more rewarding environment than any other building company. The rest, of course, is up to you.