David Flynn Limited is the Number One contractor in the South East of Ireland because we continue to deliver excellent standards of construction, combined with a high quality service on a diverse range of projects.

The company prides itself on understanding and reacting to the needs and expectations of its clients, whilst forging strong, long lasting relationships. The company's ethos is to manage the customer's construction risk and bring added value to each project.

David Flynn Limited knows its major resource is its people and their talents, therefore heavy investment to maximise their skills and experience provides not only greater satisfaction to the individual employee but also enhances the quality of the product for the customer.

Our ambition is to provide a complete service to our clients, realising all of their objectives and
thus ensuring a long term relationship where everyone gains. We will pursue this ambition by up holding the following values :

  • Anticipating and responding to the needs of our customers from the inception of a project to it's completion.
  • Differentiating ourselves through innovation and the ability to add value
  • Taking a broad, long-term view of our relationships with customers
  • Striving for continuous performance improvement and demonstrating professionalism and excellence in all our activities
  • Encouraging our people to develop and contribute to their full potential
  • Making continuous improvement in the way we operate
  • Attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining highly competent, committed, and creative personnel
  • Promoting from within as much and as early as possible
  • Creating a work environment, supported by leadership, that fosters openness, trust, communication, teamwork, innovation, and satisfaction
  • Responding to our rapidly changing world with entrepreneurial approaches, innovative solutions, advanced technology, and high-quality, timely decision-making
  • Remain privately owned, financially prudent, and reward those contributing to our success.