At David Flynn Limited we consider safety, health and environmental performance to be of prime importance to our business and we are totally committed to continual improvement in these areas.

Our overall goal is to protect both people and the environment. Complying with all safety, health and environmental regulations is just the start. Throughout the company we have a consistent framework for the management of safety, health and environmental issues to help us achieve the high standards we expect.

We measure our performance through audit procedures and safety, health and environmental indicators including accident and incident statistics, performance against annual objectives and training achievement. Measurement helps us identify new avenues for continual improvement.

David Flynn Ltd. has always recognised its responsibility under the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Safety Health & Welfare at work (Construction) Regulation 2006, as well as all other applicable regulations and E.U. directives, to provide a safe place of work as is reasonably practicable.

It also acknowledges its moral responsibilities to take reasonable care of all its employees.
The current nature of the Construction Industry necessitates meeting tight schedules, which often require periods of intense activity. However the achieving of deadlines or target dates will not be permitted to endanger the safety, health and welfare of our employees.

It is also the policy of David Flynn Ltd. to ensure that people not in our employment who may be affected by our work activities are not exposed to Health & Safety risks.

David Flynn Ltd. has developed a comprehensive Safety Statement and makes available information, instructions and supervision of safe working practices to all its employees and sub contractors. The company provides ongoing training for its Safety Manager, Site Managers and employees in Health & Safety matters.

Company Personnel have undergone industry approved safety training to provide the services of Project Supervisor(Construction) Stage under section 16 and 23 of the Safety Health & Welfare at work(Construction) Regulations 2006.

The company provides all necessary resources for the implementation and maintenance of its Safety Statement and to ensure at all times that Health & Safety measures are effective and make changes as deemed necessary. As a result of the emphasis, which the company has put on safety from project inception to completion, we have maintained an excellent safety record to date.

The policy of David Flynn Ltd. is:

(a) To comply with the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (General Applications) Regulations 2007, the S.H.W.W. (Construction) Regulations 2006 and all other applicable regulations and E.C. directives.
(b) To ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of all our employees, in so far as is reasonably practicable.
(c) To ensure that people, not in our employment, who may be affected by our work activities, are not thereby exposed to risks to their safety and health.
(d) To consult with all our employees on issues of safety, health and welfare at work, take account of their representations, as far as is reasonably practicable, and notify them of their specific duties under the 2005 Act.
(e) To make available information, instruction, training and supervision on safe working practices as detailed in the Safety Statement, to its entire workforce and to do everything reasonably practicable to ensure sub-contractors are similarly informed and accept working under these safety procedures.
(f) To distribute this Safety Statement to all sites and ensure that all additional hazards are identified and risk assessments are prepared for each site with the coversheet listing the responsible persons.
(g) To ensure that all necessary resources, structures and procedures are in place to allow effective alimentation and maintenance of the Safety Statement and to assess the effectiveness and implementation of this Safety Statement annually and make any changes deemed necessary.
(h) David Flynn Limited is fully committed to ensuring that equal opportunity is encouraged and promoted for all within the company. It is committed to generating and fostering an environment whereby each individual feels that no matter what their race, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, political or religious belief that they are treated with respect and dignity and under no circumstances are feelings of alienation or threat permitted to arise because of any of the above personal characteristics.(see anti-harassment & bulling policy)
(i) David Flynn Limited will endeavour to ensure that our construction activities do not impact on the environment in a negative manner and to ensuring that all construction and demolition waste generated by our activities is dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Management Act 1996 and amendment 2001.
Our Safety Statement shall be brought to the attention of, and made accessible to all David Flynn Ltd. employees and sub-contractors so that they will know and understand their responsibilities as detailed in it and the co-operation required from all to achieve a "SAFE PLACE OF WORK'.