One of the main reasons David Flynn Limited is the Number One contractor in the South East is because of our ability to deliver projects on time.

Over the years our employees have established the company's reputation through their technical competence and true concern for the needs of our customers. It is this concern and commitment to deliver a project on time that ensures that whilst requirements and expectations may change, the competence, attitude and motivation of David Flynn Limited employees will ensure that the project is delivered on time.

A large volume of our current projects are repeat business for well established clients and design professionals. This reputation is under pinned by our ability to deliver whilst designs evolve and variations are incorporated.

We put serious resources into planning projects to ensure that the materials and sub-contractors used will enhance the overall quality of the job.

However as well as planning each phase of a project, we also spend a lot of time challenging what others would perceive as the natural sequence of work. By analysing the actual phasing or sequence of works and applying our experience we have been able to totally reprogram projects which has enabled us to overlap phases and even combine phases which as you can appreciate greatly reduces the overall contract duration for the benefit of all involved.

Two of our most recent projects included a €7 million fit-out of a pharmaceutical factory and a €4.5 million extension / refurbishment contract at De la Salle College. We reprogrammed both of these projects which enabled us to reduce the contract duration by six weeks in the first instance and in the case of De La Salle we actually reduced the overall contract duration by 20 weeks which as you can appreciate was of major benefit to both clients.

We trust that this gives you some insight into the importance we place on delivering a project on time, however please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information in this regard.